Re: [PATCH 00/13] ARM: shmobile: R-Mobile: DT PM domain support

From: Rafael J. Wysocki
Date: Thu Sep 25 2014 - 15:59:41 EST

On Thursday, September 25, 2014 06:28:27 PM Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
> Hi Rafael, Simon, Magnus,
> This patch series enables DT support for PM domains on Renesas R-Mobile SoCs.
> Currently it's limited to R-Mobile A1 (r8a7740), but given the similarity of
> the SYSC System-Controller on the various SH-Mobile/R-Mobile SoCs, and the
> abstraction of PM domains in DT, it should be sufficiently generic to handle
> other SoCs in the future (e.g. SH-Mobile AP4 (sh7372), SH-Mobile AG5 (sh73a0),
> R-Mobile APE6 (r8a73a4)).
> Changes compared to v2 (more detailed changelogs in the individual patches):
> - Minor changes to attach/detach callbacks,
> - Really add the A4MP and D4 PM domains, as fixes are available (see
> dependencies below),
> - Scan DT topology to identify special PM domains (CPUs and console),
> - Move PM domain power-on/off latencies to a separate patch.
> Changes compared to v1 (more detailed changelogs in the individual patches):
> - Several new patches: PM QoS device latencies in DT, attach/detach
> callbacks,
> - Run-Time management of the module clocks, making the hack in
> drivers/sh/pm_runtime.c obsolete for DT platforms using genpd,
> - Addition of PM QoS device latencies, specified from DT,
> - Addition of build glue, so this builds and runs without additional
> changes, incl. s2ram.
> This means that functionality-wise, the DT version is now on par with the
> legacy version ("[PATCH v2 00/11] ARM: shmobile: r8a7740/armadillo800eva legacy
> PM domain support").
> Dependencies:
> - Simon Horman's renesas-devel-20140924-v3.17-rc6,
> - Rafael J. Wysocki's linux-pm.git#linux-next,
> - Jason Cooper's linux.git#irqchip/for-next.
> - "ARM: shmobile: R-Mobile: Store SYSC base address in rmobile_pm_domain"
> depends on the legacy version of this series, but if the legacy version
> will never be accepted, the conflicts are trivial to resolve (drop changes
> to non-existing PM domains),
> - Working resume from s2ram depends on:
> - "[PATCH/RFC] fbdev: sh_mobile_hdmi: Re-init regs before irq re-enable
> on resume",
> - "[PATCH] ARM: hw_breakpoint: Trap undef instruction exceptions on
> wake-up", or an alternative solution.
> - Working "no_console_suspend" handling depends on "[PATCH 06/13] ARM:
> shmobile: armadillo800eva dts: Add chosen/stdout-path".
> For your convenience, I've also pushed this (incl. its dependencies) to
> git://
> Rafael: If you accept "PM / Domains: Add genpd attach/detach callbacks", it
> would be good to get this patch in v3.18-rc1, as it's the only hard dependency
> on linux-pm.git for the rest of this series. The other parts have relaxed
> ordering constraints due to the separation of code and DTS.

OK, this one looks good to me, so I can push it for 3.18.

I speak only for myself.
Rafael J. Wysocki, Intel Open Source Technology Center.
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