Re: [PATCHv8 1/6] fanotify: enable close-on-exec on events' fd when requested in fanotify_init()

From: Heinrich Schuchardt
Date: Thu Sep 25 2014 - 17:00:23 EST

On 24.09.2014 15:11, Yann Droneaud wrote:
According to commit 80af258867648 ('fanotify: groups can specify
their f_flags for new fd'), file descriptors created as part of
file access notification events inherit flags from the
event_f_flags argument passed to syscall fanotify_init(2).

So while it is legal for userspace to call fanotify_init() with
O_CLOEXEC as part of its second argument, O_CLOEXEC is currently
silently ignored.

Indeed event_f_flags are only given to dentry_open(), which only
seems to care about O_ACCMODE and O_PATH in do_dentry_open(),
O_DIRECT in open_check_o_direct() and O_LARGEFILE in

I tested on kernel 3.17.0-rc5. I passed O_CLOEXEC in event_f_flags.
When I called fcnt(event_metadata->fd, F_GETFD) it did not return FD_CLOEXEC. So I can confirm your observation that O_CLOEXEC is not working as expected.

I found this definition
#define get_unused_fd() get_unused_fd_flags(0)

So essentially when get_unused_fd() is called for a fanotify event O_CLOEXEC is ignored.

This is what your patch fixes.

More, there's no effective check on event_f_flags value that
would catch unknown / unsupported values, unlike the one on
f_flags argument of the syscall (see FAN_ALL_INIT_FLAGS in

The fanotify_init(2) man page describes which flags are allowable in event_f_flags.

Could you, please, explain why the following code in fanotify_user.c is not to be considered an effective check:

if (event_f_flags & ~FANOTIFY_INIT_ALL_EVENT_F_BITS)
return -EINVAL;

switch (event_f_flags & O_ACCMODE) {
case O_RDONLY:
case O_RDWR:
case O_WRONLY:
return -EINVAL;

I CC Jan Kara as he reviewed the code.

Best regards

Heinrich Schuchardt
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