RE: [PATCH resend] arm:extend the reserved memory for initrd to be page aligned

From: Wang, Yalin
Date: Thu Sep 25 2014 - 22:41:10 EST

> They were so close ;)
> I can see three patches but none of them exactly right:
> 8157/1 - wrong diff format
> 8159/1 - correct format, does not have my ack (you can take this one if
> you want)
> 8162/1 - got my ack this time but with the wrong diff format again
> Maybe a pull request is a better idea.
I am really confused,
I read this web:
it said use diff -urN to generate patch like this:

diff -Nru linux.orig/lib/string.c linux/lib/string.c

but I see other developers use git format-patch to generate patch and
submit to the patch system.
Git format-patch format can also be accepted by the patch system correctly ?
If yes, I think this web should update,
Use git format-patch to generate patch is more convenient than use diff -urN


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