Re: [5/5] ARM: tegra: jetson-tk1: enable GK20A GPU

From: Alexandre Courbot
Date: Fri Sep 26 2014 - 00:45:39 EST

On 09/26/2014 12:48 AM, Stephen Warren wrote:
On 09/25/2014 07:27 AM, Sjoerd Simons wrote:
Playing a bit with todays linux-next on my jetson, it seems this patch is
still required for enabling the GPU. Is there anything blocking it
not available yet in liux-firmware?)

I think initially I was waiting for the DRM patch "drm/nouvea: support
for probing platform devices" to be applied, but it looks like that's
been applied already, so only patches 4 and 5 in this series are still

Actually I am waiting for the firmware and firmware loading support patch to land in linux-firmware and Nouveau respectively. I have yet to send these patches publicly due to some ongoing discussion about the firmware's license.

For now if you want to run Nouveau on TK1, the easiest solution is to use my kernel and Nouveau branches. The branches that should be used are visible in the manifest of - which BTW also provides an easy way to enable the FOSS graphics stack on a L4T image (minus the firmware at the moment).

More generally speaking, I still have a lot of patches to upstream - I apologize for not having been able to catch up with them. Things have been busy on other fronts, but since these other fronts are soon not going to be a concern anymore I will be able to focus on Nouveau again after mid-next week. :)

Alex, wasn't there also some issue where the VPR register had to be
programmed, and if it wasn't there'd be a hang when the GPU registers
were touched? If we've added code to Nouveau/tegradrm to detect that and
avoid the problem, then I guess we can commit these last two patches for
3.19. A resend after the 3.18 merge window might help.

The VPR patch has landed in U-boot mainline, so this should be less of a problem now. AFAIK there is no safe way to check whether VPR has been disabled, but the solution might be in your suggestion to make the bootloader enable the GPU DT node if it finds it safe to do so.
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