Re: Help Out and Issues with the Community

From: nick
Date: Fri Sep 26 2014 - 15:27:01 EST

On 14-09-25 10:20 PM, David Lang wrote:
>> Hello Developers,
>> For the last week or two I have been trying to contact people for help and/or learning in order to help out
>> more. I am unable to get any emails back from them, I am assuming this is due to my issues with the community.
>> If someone would like to explain a way to either resolve this or help me me learn the community rules and how
>> to do things the right way that would be great.
> Going over the archives a bit, it looks like there are a lot of people who have taken the time to reply to you.
> It looks like you are falling into a common trap of looking at particular bug reports or FIXME items and trying to silence them. But you are doing so without understanding the code or functionality being provided. As a result, you are doing exactly what people are afraid that static checking will result in, a local fix to silence the checker that doesn't actually fix the overall problem.
> In addition to the various places you've already been pointed at, I'd suggest that you look at the kernel janitors pages and mailing list (, the linux-kernel list has a huge membership and a high volume of traffic, so learning as you work here is not always the best thing to do.
> David Lang
That wasn't my idea, it was to help out and ask questions if I don't understand something first. I will start with kernel janitors and go from their.
Thanks Nick
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