Re: [PATCH] mtd: ubi: Extend UBI layer debug/messaging capabilities

From: Tanya Brokhman
Date: Sun Sep 28 2014 - 04:24:52 EST

On 9/28/2014 11:01 AM, Richard Weinberger wrote:

Am 28.09.2014 08:36, schrieb Tanya Brokhman:
If there is more then one UBI device mounted, there is no way to
distinguish between messages from different UBI devices.
Add device number to all ubi layer message types.

Signed-off-by: Tanya Brokhman <tlinder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Artem's mail is dedekind1@ not dedeking1@. :)

oops.... sorry about that. thanks for the fix.

Anyway, instead of passing ubi->ubi_num down to every log function you can
just pass the ubi object itself and let the log function access ->ubi_num.

This is how I first implemented this patch. But then I cam across some ubi_err prints during the init process (in build.c ubi_init()) when we still don't have the ubi structure, so we need to pass some number to the message. I overcame this by using UBI_MAX_DEVICES.

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