Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] xen/xenbus: Use 'void' instead of 'int' for the return of xenbus_switch_state()

From: Wei Liu
Date: Mon Sep 29 2014 - 04:41:58 EST

On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 07:07:19PM +0100, David Vrabel wrote:
> On 26/09/14 17:36, Chen Gang wrote:
> > When xenbus_switch_state() fails, it will call xenbus_switch_fatal()
> > internally, so need not return any status value, then use 'void' instead
> > of 'int' for xenbus_switch_state() and __xenbus_switch_state().
> >
> > Also need be sure that all callers which check the return value must let
> > 'err' be 0.
> I've rewritten the commit message as:
> xen/xenbus: don't return errors from xenbus_switch_state()
> Most users of xenbus_switch_state() weren't handling the failure of
> xenbus_switch_state() correctly. They either called
> xenbus_dev_fatal() (which xenbus_switch_state() has effectively
> already tried to do), or ignored errors.
> xenbus_switch_state() may fail because:
> a) The device is being unplugged by the toolstack. The device will
> shortly be removed and the error does not need to be handled.
> b) Xenstore is broken. There isn't much the driver can do in this
> case since xenstore is required to signal failure to the toolstack.
> So, don't report any errors from xenbus_switch_state() which removes
> some unnecessary error handling in some of the drivers.
> I'd appreciate a review from some of the other front/backend driver
> maintainers on whether this is sensible reasoning.

Looks reasonable to me.

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