Re: [PATCH v13 00/12] Support for creating generic PCI host bridges from DT

From: Bjorn Helgaas
Date: Mon Sep 29 2014 - 15:43:51 EST

On Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 03:29:19PM +0100, Liviu Dudau wrote:
> This is my version 13 of the attempt at adding support for generic PCI host
> bridge controllers. It contains only cleanups to make it play nice with the
> linux-next tree as of 09/25. If Bjorn deems it safe, now that it looks like
> asm-generic is going to revert some of its more aggresive patches, he has the
> choice of queueing it into linux-next again.
> ...

These patches above were already on my pci/host-generic branch and in

asm-generic/io.h: Fix ioport_map() for !CONFIG_GENERIC_IOMAP
of/pci: Add pci_register_io_range() and pci_pio_to_address()
ARM: Define PCI_IOBASE as the base of virtual PCI IO space
of/pci: Define of_pci_range_to_resource() only when CONFIG_PCI=y
of/pci: Move of_pci_range_to_resources() to of/address.c
of/pci: Fix the conversion of IO ranges into IO resources

I added these three patches to my pci/host-generic branch:

PCI: Add generic domain handling
of/pci: Add pci_get_new_domain_nr() and of_get_pci_domain_nr()
of/pci: Add support for parsing PCI host bridge resources from DT

Yinghai pointed out a problem with this one, so I omitted it:

PCI: Assign unassigned bus resources in pci_scan_root_bus()

I added this one to my pci/host-generic branch:

PCI: Add pci_remap_iospace() to map bus I/O resources

I assume this depends on the pci_scan_root_bus() change (if not, let me
know), so I omitted this one:

arm64: Add architectural support for PCI

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