Re: [PATCH v2] 3c59x: fix bad split of cpu_to_le32(pci_map_single())

From: Sylvain 'ythier' Hitier
Date: Mon Sep 29 2014 - 17:27:06 EST

When: 2014-09-29_1@16-08-13 -0400
Who: David Miller
> From: Sylvain 'ythier' Hitier <sylvain.hitier@xxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 19:45:12 +0000
> You should not submit patches as a reply to a discussion, it must be
> done as a fresh mailing list posting.

Ah, didn't know.
I've seen this be done before, such as:
and hence did the same.

And searching case-insensitively "reply", "fresh", "new", "thread" in
Documentation/SubmittingPatches shed no light on this topic.

> The posting must also be properly formed, in that "Subject: " should
> be of the form "[PATCH vx] ${subsystem}: Description." and the mail
> message body must be the commit message with appropriate signoffs
> and ACKs, then the patch comes next.
> This is fully described, in detail, in Documentation/SubmittingPatches

Ah, OK, you meant:
Please use git format-patch so that I could use git am.

Did that.

(Thanks, you made me learn about git format-patch by myself.
That is, only describing the format makes you a
teacher-who-let-the-padawan-find-the-right-tool-by-self-work instead of a

> > Would it be OK for me re-sending my part as v3 including Neil's ack?
> > Or are you expecting a unique patch combining Neil's changes and mine?

I went for a v3.

Sylvain "ythier" Hitier

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