RE: [PATCH v2] x86: Quark: Add if/else to setup_arch for Quark TLB bug

From: Ong, Boon Leong
Date: Mon Sep 29 2014 - 21:46:50 EST

> My view is that the CR3 load should have flushed the TLB in it's entirety.
> Ong Boong Leong said that a discussion he had which included HPA concluded
> with a flush of the TLB being required after the CR3 reload.

The proposed patch was discussed in April and after much thought into this,
I will suggest that as long as the commentary properly captured down why
__flush_tlb() is **NOT** needed because load_cr3() will have the same effect.

> The current code
> My preference is
> 1. Just comment the code as is to explain why it works for Quark.
> If that's not good enough for people then
> 2. if/else the flow so that Quark does __flush_tlb() and the rest of the world
> does a __flush_tlb_all()
Bryan, just drop this proposal from my submission even though __flush_tlb() is
more obvious in what is supposed to do and does not consume any significant cpu-time.

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