Re: [PATCH resend] arm:extend the reserved memory for initrd to be page aligned

From: Uwe Kleine-König
Date: Tue Sep 30 2014 - 03:17:41 EST


On Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 03:21:58PM -0400, Valdis.Kletnieks@xxxxxx wrote:
> On Fri, 26 Sep 2014 10:40:54 +0800, "Wang, Yalin" said:
> > I am really confused,
> > I read this web:
> >
> > it said use diff -urN to generate patch like this:
> >
> > diff -Nru linux.orig/lib/string.c linux/lib/string.c
> >
> > but I see other developers use git format-patch to generate patch and
> > submit to the patch system.
> > Git format-patch format can also be accepted by the patch system correctly ?
> > If yes, I think this web should update,
> > Use git format-patch to generate patch is more convenient than use diff -urN
> 'diff -urN' has the advantage that it will work against a tree extracted
> from a release tarball, and doesn't have a requirement that you have git
That's wrong, patches generated by git-format-patch are also applicable
just fine on top of an extracted tar ball by patch(1).

Best regards

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