Re: [PATCH] sched: fix spurious active migration

From: Vincent Guittot
Date: Tue Sep 30 2014 - 05:38:47 EST

On 30 September 2014 10:41, Vincent Guittot <vincent.guittot@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Since commit caeb178c60f4 ("sched/fair: Make update_sd_pick_busiest() ...")

As someone asked me on IRC, I want to clarify that this commit is not
yet in mainline but in tip/sched/core branch

> sd_pick_busiest returns a group that can be neither imbalanced nor overloaded
> but is only more loaded than others. This change has been introduced to ensure
> a better load balance in system that are not overloaded but as a side effect,
> it can also generate useless active migration between groups.

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