Re: [PATCH] tc: fix warning and coding style

From: Maciej W. Rozycki
Date: Tue Sep 30 2014 - 12:28:16 EST

On Tue, 30 Sep 2014, Thibaut Robert wrote:

> Fix checkpatch warnings:
> WARNING: Prefer [subsystem eg: netdev]_err([subsystem]dev, ... then dev_err(dev, ... then pr_err(... to printk(KERN_ERR ...
> WARNING: Possible unnecessary 'out of memory' message
> WARNING: quoted string split across lines
> WARNING: Use #include <linux/io.h> instead of <asm/io.h>
> Fix gcc warning:
> warning: format ʽ%dʼ expects argument of type ʽintʼ, but argument 4 has type ʽresource_size_tʼ [-Wformat=]
> As resource_size_t can be 32 or 64 bits (depending on CONFIG_RESOURCES_64BIT), this patch uses "%lld" format along with a cast to u64 for printing resource_size_t values
> Signed-off-by: Thibaut Robert <thibaut.robert@xxxxxxxxx>
> ---

NAK. These issues have already been taken care of via the LMO tree; the
original change has been archived here:

and is on the way to Linus's tree (IIUC; Ralf, please acknowledge).

If you think there's anything wrong still left afterwards, except from
the message wrapping (as I'm not going to approve any modification to go
beyond 79 columns; this is nonsense), then please send an incremental
change on top of that.

Thanks for your contribution anyway.

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