Re: kernel version problem after patching

From: e40
Date: Wed Oct 08 2014 - 09:58:35 EST

To solve this error you have to edit the "Makefile" inside the
main kernel directory after you have patched the kernel.

At the beginning of the "Makefile" there are three variables
which can contain wrong values after patching. These are:


On Thursday 18 September 2014, r02@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>There is a kernel version problem after patching the kernel. After
>installing the kernel and the kernel modules, without patching the
>kernel, then "uname" shows the right kernel version and in
>"/lib/modules/" there was the right directory created.
>But after patching the kernel, installing it and the modules, then the
>kernelversion shown with "uname" and the modules directory in
>"/lib/modules/" is not correct anymore.
>For example:
>If i download the kernel 3.14.19, patch it, and install the kernel and
>the modules then "uname" shows kernel version 3.14.0 and the modules
>are installed in "/lib/modules/3.14.0/" instead of 3.14.19 which would
>be the correct version.
>The same problem happens with other kernel versions too below 3.14.19
>and also to kernel version 3.16.3 and versions below. But probably much
>more kernel versions are affected from this problem.
>If someone has an older kernel installed correctly, 3.16 for example,
>and wants to install a patched second kernel, 3.16.3 for example, then
>the modules directory of the first one will be overwritten unwanted due
>to this version error because both kernels have the same modules
>directory "/lib/modules/3.16.0".

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