Re: [PATCH] cpusets: Make cpus_allowed and mems_allowed masks hotplug invariant

From: Raghavendra KT
Date: Wed Oct 08 2014 - 10:54:35 EST

On Wed, Oct 8, 2014 at 12:37 PM, Preeti U Murthy
<preeti@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There are two masks associated with cpusets. The cpus/mems_allowed
> and effective_cpus/mems. On the legacy hierarchy both these masks
> are consistent with each other. This is the intersection of their
> value and the currently active cpus. This means that we destroy the
> original values set in these masks on each cpu/mem hot unplug operation.
> As a consequence when we hot plug back the cpus/mems, the tasks
> no longer run on them and performance degrades, inspite of having
> resources to run on.
> This effect is not seen in the default hierarchy since the
> allowed and effective masks are distinctly maintained.
> allowed masks are never touched once configured and effective masks
> alone are hotplug variant.
> This patch replicates the above design even for the legacy hierarchy,
> so that:
> 1. Tasks always run on the cpus/memory nodes that they are allowed to run on
> as long as they are online. The allowed masks are hotplug invariant.
> 2. When all cpus/memory nodes in a cpuset are hot unplugged out, the tasks
> are moved to their nearest ancestor which has resources to run on.

Hi Preeti,

I may be missing some thing here could you please explain when do we get
tasks move out of a cpuset after this patch and why it is even necessary?

IIUC, with default hierarchy we should never hit a case where we have empty
effective cpuset and hence remove_tasks_in_empty_cpuset should never happen. no?

if my assumption is correct then we should remove
remove_tasks_in_empty_cpuset itself...
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