[GIT PULL] DMA-mapping update for v3.18

From: Marek Szyprowski
Date: Thu Oct 09 2014 - 07:19:44 EST

Hi Linus,

I would like to ask You for pulling patches for dma-mapping subsystem
for v3.18.

The following changes since commit 7d1311b93e58ed55f3a31cc8f94c4b8fe988a2b9:

Linux 3.17-rc1 (2014-08-16 10:40:26 -0600)

are available in the git repository at:

git://git.linaro.org/people/mszyprowski/linux-dma-mapping.git for-v3.18

for you to fetch changes up to b4bbb107d73bbc0d92c9ae7fd8e69580aa9381e7:

dma-mapping: Provide write-combine allocations (2014-08-26 07:39:13 +0200)

Thierry Reding (2):
s390: Implement dma_{alloc,free}_attrs()
dma-mapping: Provide write-combine allocations

arch/arm/include/asm/dma-mapping.h | 16 ----------------
arch/s390/Kconfig | 5 +----
arch/s390/include/asm/dma-mapping.h | 31 +++++++++++++++++++++----------
include/asm-generic/dma-mapping-common.h | 8 --------
include/linux/dma-mapping.h | 26 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
5 files changed, 48 insertions(+), 38 deletions(-)

This pull request contains patches, which provide dma write coherent api
(available previously on ARM architecture) for all other architectures,
which use dma_ops-based dma mapping implementation. This lets one to use
the same code in the device drivers regardless of the selected


Best regards
Marek Szyprowski
Samsung R&D Institute Poland
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