[v2 PATCH 2/2] uio: support memory sizes larger than 32 bits

From: Cristian Stoica
Date: Thu Oct 09 2014 - 08:02:25 EST

This is a completion to 27a90700a4275c5178b883b65927affdafa5185c
The size field is also increased to allow values larger than 32 bits
on platforms that have more than 32 bit physical addresses.

Signed-off-by: Cristian Stoica <cristian.stoica@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Documentation/DocBook/uio-howto.tmpl | 2 +-
drivers/uio/uio.c | 4 ++--
include/linux/uio_driver.h | 2 +-
3 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Documentation/DocBook/uio-howto.tmpl b/Documentation/DocBook/uio-howto.tmpl
index bbe9c1f..1fdc246 100644
--- a/Documentation/DocBook/uio-howto.tmpl
+++ b/Documentation/DocBook/uio-howto.tmpl
@@ -540,7 +540,7 @@ appears in sysfs.

-<varname>unsigned long size</varname>: Fill in the size of the
+<varname>resource_size_t size</varname>: Fill in the size of the
memory block that <varname>addr</varname> points to. If <varname>size</varname>
is zero, the mapping is considered unused. Note that you
<emphasis>must</emphasis> initialize <varname>size</varname> with zero for
diff --git a/drivers/uio/uio.c b/drivers/uio/uio.c
index a673e5b..696ebab 100644
--- a/drivers/uio/uio.c
+++ b/drivers/uio/uio.c
@@ -68,12 +68,12 @@ static ssize_t map_name_show(struct uio_mem *mem, char *buf)

static ssize_t map_addr_show(struct uio_mem *mem, char *buf)
- return sprintf(buf, "0x%llx\n", (unsigned long long)mem->addr);
+ return sprintf(buf, "%pa\n", &mem->addr);

static ssize_t map_size_show(struct uio_mem *mem, char *buf)
- return sprintf(buf, "0x%lx\n", mem->size);
+ return sprintf(buf, "%pa\n", &mem->size);

static ssize_t map_offset_show(struct uio_mem *mem, char *buf)
diff --git a/include/linux/uio_driver.h b/include/linux/uio_driver.h
index 1ad4724..df6e42e 100644
--- a/include/linux/uio_driver.h
+++ b/include/linux/uio_driver.h
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ struct uio_map;
struct uio_mem {
const char *name;
phys_addr_t addr;
- unsigned long size;
+ resource_size_t size;
int memtype;
void __iomem *internal_addr;
struct uio_map *map;

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