[ANNOUNCE] iproute2 v3.17

From: Stephen Hemminger
Date: Thu Oct 09 2014 - 13:10:37 EST

Like Linus, get the 3.17 release out before leaving for Germany.

There are lots of fixes all over the place. Jamal has returned bringing
lots of updates to the TC action and classifiers.



Report problems (or enhancements) to the netdev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mailing list.

Andy Furniss (1):
add missing underscore to man page and example nf_mark ematch

Atzm Watanabe (1):
iplink: do not require assigning negative ifindex at link creation

Daniel Borkmann (1):
ll_types: add netlink ARPHRD

Dmitry Popov (1):
ip tunnel: fix 'ip -oneline tunnel show' for some GRE tunnels

Eric Dumazet (3):
nstat: 64bit support on 32bit arches
ip: support of usec rtt in tcp_metrics
ss: add more tcp socket diagnostics

Jamal Hadi Salim (5):
actions: BugFix action stats to display with -s
rsvp classifier support for multiple actions
tcindex classifier support for multiple actions
route classifier support for multiple actions
discourage use of direct policer interface

Jiri Benc (1):
ip address: print stats with -s

Jiri Pirko (2):
iproute2: allow to ipv6 set address generation mode
add help command to bonding master

Nicolas Dichtel (2):
ip/vxlan: add a help for ageing and maxaddress options
ip/vxlan: fix display of maxaddress option

Nikolay Aleksandrov (1):
iproute2: allow to change slave options via type_slave

Steffen Klassert (2):
iproute2: Add support for IPv6 VTI tunnels to ip6tunnel
iproute2: VTI6 support for ip -6 link command.

Stephen Hemminger (2):
update dsfield file values
emp: fix warning on deprecated bison directive

WANG Cong (1):
iplink: forbid negative ifindex and modifying ifindex

vadimk (14):
ip netns: Show error message if mkdir failed to create /var/run/netns
ip man: Added short description for hsr link type
ip link: Remove unnecessary device checking
ip monitor: Dont print timestamp or banner-label for cloned routes
ip monitor: Skip IPv6 ND user option messages
ip tuntap: Add checking if tun/tap mode was set by default
ip tuntap: Added missing commands in usage
tests: Fix problem with test running
ip netns: Create /var/run/netns dir when do 'ip netns monitor'
ip monitor: Changed 'Unknown message' format to be more informative
tests: Add runtime generated files to .gitignore
tests: Allow policer test to be ran
tests: Check existing of /proc/config.gz before use it
ip link: Shortify printing the usage of link type

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