Re: [RFC PATCH v2 1/4] regulator: Add helper function to get "poweroff-source" property

From: PERIER Romain
Date: Fri Oct 10 2014 - 08:29:09 EST

> What I'm more concerned about is the semantics of the property. What
> do the generic code paths gain by standardizing this property? Is it
> expected that

We really need to come up with a standard property for this and document
it rather than continuing to add individual device specific properties
each time a driver adds poweroff capability,
all doing the same thing (a lot of regulators driver, mfd drivers, soc
specific drivers, power drivers already do that, that's very redudant)
. This is a simple unification logic.
About its name, I found my inspiration with "wakeup-source" which
marks an device as able to wakeup the system, poweroff capability is
exactly the same
except that the device will control the power of the system, so I
choose "poweroff-source". However, suggestions are welcome ;)

About of_regulator.c, I agree with Mark. poweroff capability is not
really specific to regulators, so it does not make sense to put the
helper there, imho.

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