Re: [RFC] drop owner assignment from platform_drivers

From: Wolfram Sang
Date: Sat Oct 11 2014 - 12:57:32 EST

> > You got me wondering, though, that it could not be correct to call
> > platform_driver_register() from the platform core instead of module
> > init. I will check tomorrow. Still, this would be a bug independent of
> > my series. Although I'd need to respin it if platform_driver_probe()
> > needed a fix.
> Right, this seems to be a preexisting bug. platform_create_bundle
> and platform_driver_probe will both overwrite the .owner field with
> NULL since they live in builtin code. They need to be replaced with
> __platform_driver_probe and __platform_driver_register that both
> take an extra owner argument passed down from the caller in the driver
> module.

Yeah, that would be one solution. However, my personal favourite would
meanwhile be to revert the commit that Russell mentioned. I think it is
cleaner to have the owner explicitly set in the module rather than
hidden away by a function call. However, grepping through include/linux,
there are a few subsystems hiding it this way. So, it is a pattern
somewhow. Oh well...

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