Re: [3.16.1 BISECTED REGRESSION]: Simtec Entropy Key (cdc-acm) broken in 3.16

From: Nix
Date: Sat Oct 11 2014 - 18:25:23 EST

On 11 Oct 2014, Paul Martin spake thusly:

> Having been privy to the firmware of the eKey, it is very simplisting,
> with no implementation whatsoever of any flow control.

That's what I thought. (Why would something that just provides data at a
constant rate way below that of even the slowest USB bus *need* flow

One presumes therefore that the kernel suddenly trying to do flow
control on shutdown would fubar the firmware's internal state, leading
to the symptoms I see.

So, the question becomes, is there a way to spot this general 'no flow
control on this device' thing from the kernel side, or do we need a
blacklist? Or, perhaps, if this is commonplace for cdc-acm devices, a
whitelist? I can't imagine it's *that* commonplace or someone would have
spotted this already in the months and months it took me to do the

Maybe all non-modem cdc-acm devices should eschew flow control, or
something? (This is a genuine guess and is almost certainly wrong.)

NULL && (void)
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