Re: Machine crashes right *after* ~successful resume

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Sun Oct 12 2014 - 10:30:35 EST


> Rafael, including you on this since
> mentions you as the maintainer for Linux + power management. I hope this is
> still accurate.
> Since Linux 3.12 (Debian version 3.12.9-1~bpo70+1) and all the way up to
> 3.16 (Debian version 3.16.3-2), I'm having suspend-resume issues on my
> machine (Intel Z68, i7-3770K) that are somewhat less obvious.
> After every boot, I get two successful suspend+resume cycles, but after the
> third suspend, it won't resume successfully. On the VGA console I've never
> had anything useful logged, luckily over the serial console I've had more
> luck. I seem to get as far as:

Has it ever worked ok? ...aha, in 3.10, ok.

> I've found out about pm_trace, which always points at the same line (and no
> device):
> /var/log/syslog.1:Oct 10 16:43:58 ruby kernel: [ 0.780503] Magic
> number: 0:52:740
> /var/log/syslog.1:Oct 10 16:43:58 ruby kernel: [ 0.780599] hash matches
> /tmp/linux-3.16.3/drivers/base/power/main.c:812
> In my source tree that line is:
> TRACE_RESUME(error);

if it resumes ok, this kind of tracking will not help.

> With kernels 3.10 and older I have no such problems, I can suspend+resume as
> often as I want.

is there chance to bisect?

> I've already tried to skip the NVidia + VMware modules at boot time (as you
> can see from the logs they're not loaded at any point), but it didn't help.
> I could try omitting more modules.

Yes, try with minimal modules (and no s2ram) would be nice.

(cesky, pictures)
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