Re: [PATCH v7 08/10] x86, mpx: add prctl commands PR_MPX_REGISTER, PR_MPX_UNREGISTER

From: Dave Hansen
Date: Mon Oct 13 2014 - 13:42:45 EST

On 07/20/2014 11:09 PM, Andi Kleen wrote:
> Qiaowei Ren <> writes:
>> This patch adds the PR_MPX_REGISTER and PR_MPX_UNREGISTER prctl()
>> commands. These commands can be used to register and unregister MPX
>> related resource on the x86 platform.
> Please provide a manpage for the API. This is needed
> for proper review. Your description is far too vague.

Qiaowei, have you written this manpage yet? I see the new patches, but
no manpage yet.
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