Re: [PATCH v4] zsmalloc: merge size_class to reduce fragmentation

From: Joonsoo Kim
Date: Tue Oct 14 2014 - 01:15:40 EST

On Thu, Oct 02, 2014 at 10:47:51AM -0400, Dan Streetman wrote:
> >> I think that using ref would makes intuitive code. Although there is
> >> some memory overhead, it is really small. So I prefer to this way.
> >>
> >> But, if you think that removing ref is better, I will do it.
> >> Please let me know your final decision.
> >
> > Yeb, please remove the ref. I want to keep size_class small for
> > cache footprint.
> i think a foreach_size_class() would be useful for zs_destroy_pool(),
> and in case any other size class iterations are added in the future,
> and it wouldn't require the extra ref field. You can use the fact
> that all merged size classes contain a class->index of the
> highest/largest size_class (because they all point to the same size
> class). So something like:


Using class->index looks good idea, but, I'd like not to add new
macro here, because, it isn't needed in other place now.


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