Re: Machine crashes right *after* ~successful resume

From: Wilmer van der Gaast
Date: Wed Oct 15 2014 - 07:16:52 EST

Hello Rafael,

Rafael J. Wysocki (rjw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> > Would it be feasible to revert 2e8b... to see if it fixes it on 3.17?
> That's a merge, isn't it?
Correct, it was, and I did try to figure out which of its parents was
the guilty one, but then I found out the real problem is

Not sure why 2e8b... was initially found guilty by git bisect, I fear
that my testing was not thorough enough. I've verified a couple of times
now that 928bea96... does cause crashes and the previous revision does not.

928bea... seems to reshuffle PCI initialisation a little bit and has
caused more troubles, judging from a Google query for it. Some changes
were made already as a result, and this unfortunately makes a revert on
a later kernel tree (to see if that fixes the problem for me) much less
straight-forward. :-(

I can look at the code and see how to revert this now, but I'm
definitely not very proficient outside userland.

Wilmer v/d Gaast.

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