Kudos to Josselin Mouette a different systemd proponent.

From: SystemD Abomination
Date: Mon Nov 17 2014 - 03:34:20 EST

Kudos to Josselin Mouette a different systemd proponent.

There is an exception to every rule. The rule has been that every proponent
of systemd thusfar has been a social justice warrior, well really just
an anglo-type feminist (hates men, works to restrict men and raise woman
in his place, there shall be no differences etc). This includes Lennart himself.

Kudos for telling the geek feminists years back that they had a broomstick up their ass
why they berated you on the debian-devel list (and then some scumbag male-feminist
supporter banned you from that list).

Kudos for seemingly liking young girls, atleast of the animated sort.
(maybe that like goes deeper? truer?)

I apologise for anything negative I've said towards you in the past.
I ASSumed you were like the others, and it appears you are not.

Debian was better in the past, before all of this.

You are in stark contrast to Erich Schubert who enjoys denying that
anyone not of his opinion (on feminism, or is it systemd, it's
hard to say, he cites both as required beliefs in his post) could
possibly contribute to opensource (maybe, I contribute to free
software, which is also opensource I assumed, but I guess it has
more requirements other than licensing now...) and as far as I know
would want you in prison for liking the wrong females.

I guess France truly is a better place than Germany...
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