Re: [RFC PATCH 07/16] PCI: Separate pci_host_bridge creation out of pci_create_root_bus()

From: Yijing Wang
Date: Tue Nov 18 2014 - 07:42:09 EST

>>>> We need, some platforms pass NULL pointer as host bridge parent.
>>> But those don't have to use the new pci_create_host_bridge() function,
>>> right?
>> As I mentioned in another reply, I hope all pci host drivers could use
>> pci_create_host_bridge(), keep different PCI scan interfaces in PCI core
>> make things become complex.
> Doing this for all platforms that have PCI support would be a lot of
> work though, I think it's better to focus on having a the best interface
> for the majority of users.


> Arnd
> .


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