Re: [PATCH 1/1 net-next] wireless: remove unnecessary sizeof(u8)

From: Larry Finger
Date: Tue Nov 18 2014 - 11:12:33 EST

On 11/18/2014 07:34 AM, Gheorhios wrote:
Anyone could gently send the link for downloading B43 linux drivers for
this procedure?

Then transfer it over to your Ubuntu box.

Now in your Ubuntu Box [computer] please make your way to your Home folder.

Once you are at your home folder right click on your home folder and make a
new folder and call it wireless.

Now that you have made a new folder called wireless in your home directory,
it is time to move the downloaded file into the new folder called wireless.

Move The Wireless Folder To The Firmware Directory

sudo cp -r ~/wireless/* /lib/firmware/

Now let's double check to make sure the download made it to the firmware
directory. To do this type this into the terminal:

ls /lib/firmware

Ok so now that the download is in the firmware directory we need to go to
that directory. To go there open your terminal and type in:

cd /lib/firmware

Now that you have changed directories let's double check to make sure you
are in the right directory, this next code tells us where we are in the
computer file directory. This next code stands for "print working


Are you at /lib/firmware if so good if not go back one step.

Now that we are in the firmware directory. We have to extract the download,
to do this type in:

sudo -s

Then enter your password then:

tar xvf b43-all-fw.tar_.gz

Now is the firmware extracted properly? check by typing:

ls /lib/firmware/b43


ls /lib/firmware/b43legacy

Do you see the ucode files? if so then delete the gz file:

sudo rm *.gz




No, I do not know where that file is found. Even if I knew of such a file, Broadcom has expressly declined to provide that firmware for redistribution. Posting such a file could invite legal action. If someone else has violated Broadcom's directive, I would not facilitate that violation.

Rather than doing that, the link at shows what to do for Ubuntu installations. Follow those instructions - they refer to a legal way to get the firmware. I would have thought that asking this question on an Ubuntu Forum would have been more productive.

By the way, piggybacking your request on this thread is very bad netiquette. You should not have done a "reply-to".


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