Feminism = Good. Antifeminism = Bad --Matthew Garrett

From: Hanover Shriver
Date: Wed Nov 19 2014 - 01:52:35 EST

>Matthew Garrett @mjg59 · 3h 3 hours ago wrote:
>"When MikeeUSA harassed people in 2009, they forked his terrible game code and
>made it about feminism. Now he's released music under CC-BY-SA"

Nope, actually they attacked the source and got it taken down
("Not in our neighborhood")
The goal was to censor the author, and remove his work, opensource or not.
Only pro-Feminist programmers were allowed to contribute to free/opensource
software. Fuck these cunts (or rather, please don't).

Only when ESR stepped in did they put it back up somewhere else with their own minor
modifications. There was nothing terrible about the game. It was and is a text console
casino. It fulfilled its purpose. Replacing evaluate-user-input if statements with
switch statements is pointless in perl. The evaluate-user-input code was untouched
99.99 percent of the time. Only when the user pressed enter was it evaluated, and
then back to waiting for another decision by the user.

Switch is useful when there is a case where something is continually evaluated,
say in a loop that is constantly executed. You might find this in the rendering
routines of a 3d application.

Since then the game has been expanded and included in a linux distro
which has a need for a casino game.
The only other known text-console slot machine game for linux is its predecessor.


As for the music and the disingenuous suggestion that open licensing by me is a new thing:
Nearly everything that I've ever made has been released under
free/opensource licenses, from the beginning. I was releasing code and media
years before the geek-feminists discovered the free-software and opensource

If the music is modified by the feminist scum I expect the modifications
to be on par with their previous attempts: Minor and of no consequence.

Women rarely make anything of their own. They often ride off of what
men have created, or seek to take down men they don't like. They are whores
or enemies much of the time. The exception includes mostly just young
girls, who at least focus on imagining to get married: their one use
(and at a young age their one goal: get a man). They lose that honesty
with age and the learning of cunning.

Remeber: The Old Testament allows men to have young female children as brides.
Read the Hebrew if you don't agree.


Note that it is "OK" for a game to be changed to be about feminism.
But it is not "OK" for any man to include anything against women's rights.

They do not tolerate speech against them, all men must bow down.


Feminists should be killed. It's their way or no way in this world.
They have taken over the entire planet. There is nowhere men rule
any longer. Certainly no white / European country.

Men cannot have young girls anywhere because of them: a complete
turnabout in human relations within 150 years.

(In my humble opinion)
Feminists should be killed.*
I hope it happens. I pray it happens, and when it
sometimes does (Once in Putin's Russia, Once in Colombia,
a few times in Afghanistan), I thank the God of the
book of Deuteronomy for that miracle.

*(Remember, they get men imprisoned forever for the "crime"
of pursuing young girls for brides, the "crime" of "raping"
their own wives, the "crime" of being the master (ba'al) of
the woman) (So yes, an eye-for-an-eye would be justified)

The so-called geek feminists?
They are not about free software, opensource, creating anything.
They are about you bowing down to women. Look at what they've created.
Do you see much of anything? Maybe some archives for debian.
That's about the much of it. Anything else you can credit to the
men who for some reason feel alligence to them and carry their name
("male feminists" - lol, if there ever could be such a thing in earnest).

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