[PATCH V6 00/10] USB: f81232: V6 patches

From: Peter Hung
Date: Mon Feb 16 2015 - 02:58:19 EST

This series patch V6 is improvement from V5&V4 as following:

1. transform all function not to use private data as parameter, using
usb_serial_port instead.

2. process_read_urb() add process of Break/FrameError/ParityError/OE.
(patch: 03/10)

3. fix calc_baud_divisor() will cause divide by zero with B0. (patch: 04/10)

4. Some init step we extract it from set_termios() to f81232_port_init()
and run it when open port only. (patch: 04/10)

5. We'll force re-read msr in tiocmget() because the IIR with MSR change
maybe delay received. (patch: 05/10)

6. fix MSR status bits changed but delta bits is 0 will cause read serial port
malfunctional with update port status. (patch: 08/10)

7. Add MSR change statistic when MSR has been read. (patch: 09/10)

8. clarify a lot of code about Johan suggested.


1. We had add dev_err() in set/get register function. Also add dev_err()
in some function is to help us easily point out error position, so we
still decide to remain it.

Thanks for reading.

Peter Hung (10):
USB: f81232: rename private struct member name
USB: f81232: implement read IIR/MSR with endpoint
USB: f81232: implement RX bulk-in ep
USB: f81232: implement set_termios
USB: f81232: implement MCR/MSR function
USB: f81232: clarify f81232_ioctl and fix
USB: f81232: fix error in f81232_carrier_raised()
USB: f81232: fix read MSR strange value
USB: f81232: implement delta change for MSR count
USB: f81232: modify/add author

drivers/usb/serial/f81232.c | 495 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------
1 file changed, 399 insertions(+), 96 deletions(-)


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