Re: [PATCH v3 linux-trace 1/8] tracing: attach eBPF programs to tracepoints and syscalls

From: He Kuang
Date: Mon Feb 16 2015 - 06:29:26 EST

Hi, Alexei

Another suggestion on bpf syscall interface. Currently, BPF +
syscalls/kprobes depends on CONFIG_BPF_SYSCALL. In kernel used on
commercial products, CONFIG_BPF_SYSCALL is probably disabled, in this
case, bpf bytecode cannot be loaded to the kernel.

If we turn the functionality of BPF_SYSCALL into a loadable module, then
we can use it without any dependencies on the kernel. What about change
bpf syscall to a /dev node or /sys file which can be exported by a
kernel module?

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