Re: [PATCH 00/35] Some kernel/time cleanups

From: Rafael J. Wysocki
Date: Mon Feb 16 2015 - 13:51:43 EST

On Monday, February 16, 2015 01:14:35 PM Peter Zijlstra wrote:
> Hi,
> While working with Rafael on the suspend to idle machinery Thomas made these
> cleanups; since one might as well clean code up while you've done the work of
> thinking through it again.
> As it stands there's very little overlap between Rafael's series and this one
> aside from a few trivial fixups. So we'll merge them seperately.

Yes, except for the one patch where I can see the overlap (reply sent), there
should be no collisions. We may want to compile more stuff conditional on
PM_SLEEP (or even SUSPEND for that matter), but that can be fixed up later
quite easily.

So for all the series:

Acked-by: Rafael J. Wysocki <rafael.j.wysocki@xxxxxxxxx>

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