[PATCH] pci: host: xgene: fix incorrectly returned address by map_bus

From: Feng Kan
Date: Tue Feb 17 2015 - 18:13:59 EST

The generic accessor functions for pci-xgene uses map_bus
call that returns the base address but did not add the additional

Signed-off-by: Feng Kan <fkan@xxxxxxx>
drivers/pci/host/pci-xgene.c | 4 ++--
1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/pci/host/pci-xgene.c b/drivers/pci/host/pci-xgene.c
index aab5547..ee082c0 100644
--- a/drivers/pci/host/pci-xgene.c
+++ b/drivers/pci/host/pci-xgene.c
@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ static bool xgene_pcie_hide_rc_bars(struct pci_bus *bus, int offset)
return false;

-static int xgene_pcie_map_bus(struct pci_bus *bus, unsigned int devfn,
+static void __iomem *xgene_pcie_map_bus(struct pci_bus *bus, unsigned int devfn,
int offset)
struct xgene_pcie_port *port = bus->sysdata;
@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ static int xgene_pcie_map_bus(struct pci_bus *bus, unsigned int devfn,
return NULL;

xgene_pcie_set_rtdid_reg(bus, devfn);
- return xgene_pcie_get_cfg_base(bus);
+ return xgene_pcie_get_cfg_base(bus) + offset;

static struct pci_ops xgene_pcie_ops = {

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