Re: [PATCH 1/1 v2] kernel/fork.c: avoid division by zero

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Wed Feb 18 2015 - 15:28:57 EST

On Wed, 18 Feb 2015 20:47:48 +0100 Heinrich Schuchardt <xypron.glpk@xxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello Andrew,
> thank you for your comments. Unfortunately there is no solution with
> 32-bit calculus.

How would something along the lines of



> Please, see my answers below.
> As fork_init is only called once there should be not performance issue
> in using 64-bit calculus.

Sure, it's not a big issue. But please do address the code comments
and no "temp"!

> I think that my patch did not cover all problems connected to max_threads.
> I just had a look at the memory hotplugging code.
> Shouldn't max_threads and init_task.signal->rlim[RLIMIT_NPROC] be
> recalculated after adding or removing memory?
> This could be done in a hotplug callback.

That sounds right. We've fixed some of these inaccuracies but there
will be many more remaining. Searching for things like "mempages" and
"nr_free_buffer_pages" shows them up. mem hotplug is an ongoing thing ;)

> max_threads can be set by writing to /proc/sys/kernel/threads-max.
> Shouldn't the value be checked by the same routine


> and shouldn't
> init_task.signal->rlim[RLIMIT_NPROC] be updated?

Harder. By this time the system has all these processes which have
inherited their rlimits from init.

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