Re: [PATCH v5 59/61] dmaengine: Add a warning for drivers not using the generic slave caps retrieval

From: Viresh Kumar
Date: Thu Feb 19 2015 - 03:53:35 EST

On 19 February 2015 at 13:39, Jean Delvare <jdelvare@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> My understanding is that the warning message is here on purpose to
> instruct DMA driver authors to fix their code. So if anyone need to fix
> anything, that would be you and Andy. That being said, I suspect Andy

To some extent yes, but Andy has already tried to fix that for most of
the drivers and so I just pointed out that something is missed.

> already did that:
> commit 029a40e97d0db269f4a7fc02b0f29f627f628309
> Author: Andy Shevchenko <andriy.shevchenko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Fri Jan 2 16:17:24 2015 +0200
> dmaengine: dw: provide DMA capabilities
> Brian, can you please try the latest Linus or linux-next kernel (or
> backport the above commit to your current kernel) and confirm that the
> backtraces are no longer printed?

Maybe yes.
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