[GIT PULL] Ceph changes for {3.20,4.0}-rc1

From: Sage Weil
Date: Thu Feb 19 2015 - 13:25:18 EST

Hi Linus,

Please pull the following Ceph updates from

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/sage/ceph-client.git for-linus

On the RBD side, there is a conversion to blk-mq from Christoph, several
long-standing bug fixes from Ilya, and some cleanup from Rickard
Strandqvist. On the CephFS side there is a long list of fixes from Zheng,
including improved session handling, a few IO path fixes, some dcache
management correctness fixes, and several blocking while !TASK_RUNNING
fixes. The core code gets a few cleanups and Chaitanya has added support
for TCP_NODELAY (which has been used on the server side for ages but we
somehow missed on the kernel client).

There is also an update to MAINTAINERS to fix up some email addresses and
reflect that Ilya and Zheng are doing most of the maintenance for RBD and
CephFS these days. Do not be surprised to see a pull request come from
one of them in the future if I am unavailable for some reason.


Chaitanya Huilgol (1):
libceph: tcp_nodelay support

Christoph Hellwig (1):
rbd: convert to blk-mq

Ilya Dryomov (7):
libceph: nuke pool op infrastructure
libceph: use mon_client.c/put_generic_request() more
rbd: fix error paths in rbd_dev_refresh()
rbd: do not treat standalone as flatten
ceph: show nocephx_require_signatures and notcp_nodelay options
libceph: fix double __remove_osd() problem
libceph: kfree() in put_osd() shouldn't depend on authorizer

Rickard Strandqvist (2):
rbd: nuke copy_token()
ceph: acl: Remove unused function

Sage Weil (1):
MAINTAINERS: update Ceph and RBD maintainers

Yan, Zheng (15):
ceph: handle SESSION_FORCE_RO message
ceph: properly zero data pages for file holes.
ceph: improve reference tracking for snaprealm
ceph: avoid block operation when !TASK_RUNNING (ceph_mdsc_sync)
ceph: avoid block operation when !TASK_RUNNING (ceph_get_caps)
ceph: avoid block operation when !TASK_RUNNING (ceph_mdsc_close_sessions)
ceph: fix reading inline data when i_size > PAGE_SIZE
ceph: fix request time stamp encoding
ceph: provide seperate {inode,file}_operations for snapdir
client: include kernel version in client metadata
ceph: properly mark empty directory as complete
ceph: fix atomic_open snapdir
ceph: re-send requests when MDS enters reconnecting stage
ceph: fix dentry leaks
ceph: return error for traceless reply race

drivers/block/rbd.c | 193 +++++++++++++++++----------------------
fs/ceph/acl.c | 14 ---
fs/ceph/addr.c | 19 ++--
fs/ceph/caps.c | 127 +++++++++++++++-----------
fs/ceph/dir.c | 33 +++++--
fs/ceph/file.c | 37 +++++---
fs/ceph/inode.c | 41 +++++----
fs/ceph/mds_client.c | 127 +++++++++++++++++++-------
fs/ceph/mds_client.h | 2 +
fs/ceph/snap.c | 54 +++++++----
fs/ceph/super.c | 4 +
fs/ceph/super.h | 5 +-
include/linux/ceph/ceph_fs.h | 37 +-------
include/linux/ceph/libceph.h | 3 +-
include/linux/ceph/messenger.h | 4 +-
include/linux/ceph/mon_client.h | 9 +-
net/ceph/ceph_common.c | 16 +++-
net/ceph/ceph_strings.c | 14 ---
net/ceph/debugfs.c | 2 -
net/ceph/messenger.c | 14 ++-
net/ceph/mon_client.c | 139 +---------------------------
net/ceph/osd_client.c | 31 +++++--
23 files changed, 444 insertions(+), 488 deletions(-)
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