Re: [PATCH] Revert "smc91x: retrieve IRQ and trigger flags in a modern way"

From: Robert Jarzmik
Date: Thu Feb 19 2015 - 15:49:00 EST

David Miller <davem@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> Now if you can make it in -rc2 or -rc3, this revert should be forgotten. But if
>> you can't make it for 3.20, I'll push for the revert.
>> So I think it's up to you now, and let's see what Gregh says about it.
> What is the current status of this? I'd like to see this move forward so we
> can get this fixed ASAP.
Hi David,

Linus has submitted the patch [1]. I'll be watching carefully until -rc4 that
this is applied. If it's not, I'll reping you to apply this revert. Until then,
you can forget about it, I'll do the follow-up.

Does that plan sound good to you ?



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