Re: [PATCH 0/3] Add initial DT support for Qualcomm SPMI PMIC devices

From: Stephen Boyd
Date: Thu Feb 19 2015 - 19:49:30 EST

On 02/03/15 04:17, Ivan T. Ivanov wrote:
> Following set of patches add initial DT support for PMIC devices
> found on recent Quqalcomm chipsets. Details for SPMI bus and PMIC arbiter
> could be found here [1].

Can you please put the specific compatible strings for the pmic model
into the nodes in addition to the generic "qcom,spmi-pmic"? We may want
to have regmap config tables in the future that describe the
cache/read/write abilities of the regsiters. If all we have is the
generic binding then we don't have a way to populate these tables.
Unless the plan there is to use the revid registers?

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