Re: [PATCH RESEND] HID: Stop hiding options with !EXPERT

From: simon
Date: Fri Feb 20 2015 - 13:41:39 EST

I can't really comment on the overall situation (Jiri replied to your last
thread), but...

> The HID_LOGITECH option is even worse than the others. Sub-options
> depend on it, and this causes menuconfig and friends to display the
> option even though the user can't change its value. The help page for
> HID_LOGITECH will not explain why the value can't be changed. It only
> says, for example:

Perhaps the Kconfig for Logitech does need some TLC.

It should be remembered that it supports a wide range of devices from
Unifying, to game controllers and wheels. In total it knows about 30

> Depends on: INPUT [=y] && HID [=y]
> and that leaves the user puzzled about why the option is forced to y.
> You might argue that this is a Kconfig bug, but that doesn't make it
> less annoying for the user.
> Even worse is that some of the sub-options of HID_LOGITECH select
> INPUT_FF_MEMLESS, which in turn gets out of control for the user. So,
> if you set INPUT=y and HID=y (something most general purpose
> distributions would do these days, as both modules would get loaded on
> a vast majority of systems otherwise), and you want support for
> force-feedback game controllers, you can't have that as a module, it
> has to be built-in, regardless of how rare these devices are.

It make sense to remain as a module (if modules are enabled) when 'INPUT=y
and HID=y', and should not force 'FF_MEMLESS=Y' (just leave that as module

There is also the 'LEDS CLASS' which is required for G27 support. IIRC
there was some 'magic' done with hid-steelseries to tweak problems with

I'd be open to helping this happen, given some guidance.

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