Re: [git pull] more vfs bits

From: Al Viro
Date: Sat Feb 21 2015 - 21:51:17 EST

On Sat, Feb 21, 2015 at 06:19:45PM -0800, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> > dentry_inode -> something. d_opened_inode() might do, but I'm not sure -
> > still sounds a bit wrong to me. What it's about is "the actual fs object
> > behind this name, maybe from upper fs, maybe showing through from underlying
> > layer"
> Yeah, I think "d_backing_store_inode()" would probably be more along
> the lines, but that's a mouthful. Maybe shortened to
> "d_backing_inode()"?

Umm... Works for me. Let's do it this way, then:
* rename those guys through the whole series
* leave the "annotate the filesystems" bits to sit in a vfs.git
* slap trylock_super() + bugfixes I'd been doing today
(procfs and debugfs symlink removals racing with follow_link, oopsable;
double-copy in autofs dev_ioctl.c, with length not rechecked after
copying, theoretically oopsable + reasonably likely data leak) on top of queue
* feed it through local tests and send an updated pull request later
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