Re: [PATCH] drm: Kconfig: Let all DRM_GEM_CMA_HELPER related macros depend on HAVE_DMA_ATTRS

From: Chen Gang S
Date: Sun Feb 22 2015 - 04:06:56 EST

On 2/3/15 05:26, Chen Gang S wrote:


> - Xtensa gcc5 cross compiler has issues:
> it causes more than 10 broken areas with allmodconfig (but no issues
> with defconfig). I guess, in fact, it is only 1 real issue (which can
> cause all breaks), and I shall try to fix it within this month.

I finish analysing for it, it is really only one issue for gcc5, and I
guess, this issue is also not only for xtensa. I send related fix patch
to gcc patch mailing list, hope it can pass checking.

The cause is "the variables are not initialized before using them", the
bug information is "";.

After fix this issue, it can build xtensa Linux kernel with allmodconfig


Chen Gang

Open, share, and attitude like air, water, and life which God blessed
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