Re: [PATCH 0/4] mm: cma: add some debug information for CMA

From: Gioh Kim
Date: Sun Feb 22 2015 - 18:29:17 EST

2015-02-17 ìì 4:29ì Stefan Strogin ì(ê) ì ê:
Hello Gioh,

Thank you for your answer.

On 14/02/15 10:40, Gioh Kim wrote:

If this tracer is justifiable, I think that making it conditional is
better than just enabling always on CONFIG_CMA_DEBUGFS. Some users
don't want to this feature although they enable CONFIG_CMA_DEBUGFS.



Thanks for your work. It must be helpful to me.

What about add another option to activate stack-trace?
In my platform I know all devices using cma area, so I usually don't
need stack-trace.

So Joonsoo suggests to add an option for buffer list, and you suggest to
add another in addition to the first one (and also add CONFIG_STACKTRACE
to dependences) right?

Right. Another option for only stack-trace might be good.
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