Re: [PATCH] cxl: Remove useless precision specifiers

From: Ian Munsie
Date: Sun Feb 22 2015 - 22:41:19 EST

Excerpts from Rasmus Villemoes's message of 2015-02-21 00:26:22 +1100:
> C99 says that a precision given as simply '.' with no following digits
> or * should be interpreted as 0. The kernel's printf implementation,
> however, treats this case as if the precision was omitted. C99 also
> says that if both the precision and value are 0, no digits should be
> printed. Even if the kernel followed C99 to the letter, I don't think
> that would be particularly useful in these cases, so just remove the
> precision specifiers.

Nice catch Rasmus, but I think a better patch would be one that adds the
missing precision (%.16llx).


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