GARP Issue

From: niyas mydeen
Date: Mon Feb 23 2015 - 02:03:08 EST

Hi All,

I am working custom platform based on x86_64 running 3.10 kernel,
Recently I found an issue related to GARP. It seems like no GARP
packets are being sent out when an Interface is made up. But I also
noticed that only when I use "arping" tool only then it sends out any
GARP packet.

I also try setting the net variable "arp_notify" then I see the
arp_send() function is being called after that I am unable to track

Could you please help me, what could be issue, Is it a valid
expectation that during interface up the linux kernel should send out
GARP packet? If so, am I missing any kernel configuration related to

Thanks in Advance.

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