Bisected regression 4.0.0-rc1 No image with RADEON

From: Jim Bos
Date: Mon Feb 23 2015 - 16:07:43 EST


Booting 4.0-rc1 gives me black screen with monitor displaying an OSD
message that input signal is not supported.

Video card is ATI Radeon HD 5670, monitor 1920x1200 Dell U2412M
connected via DisplayPort.

Git bisect gives this

$ git bisect good
e55bca26188e45f209597abf986c87cc5a49894a is the first bad commit
commit e55bca26188e45f209597abf986c87cc5a49894a
Author: Slava Grigorev <slava.grigorev@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri Dec 12 17:01:42 2014 -0500

radeon/audio: enable DP audio

Reviewed-by: Christian KÃnig <christian.koenig@xxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: Slava Grigorev <slava.grigorev@xxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: Alex Deucher <alexander.deucher@xxxxxxx>

:040000 040000 25da4481f28d249ec827fe72c0b14c0a50265887
2eb7eb3728a5b811b0f954cbce486841c90ef938 M drivers

Comparing dmesg with bad/good kernel doesn't show any interesting

I've firmware build into the kernel

$ grep EXTRA_FIRMWARE .config
CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE="radeon/REDWOOD_me.bin radeon/REDWOOD_pfp.bin
radeon/REDWOOD_rlc.bin radeon/REDWOOD_smc.bin radeon/CYPRESS_uvd.bin"

Any ideas ?



$ git bisect log
git bisect start
# bad: [c517d838eb7d07bbe9507871fab3931deccff539] Linux 4.0-rc1
git bisect bad c517d838eb7d07bbe9507871fab3931deccff539
# good: [bfa76d49576599a4b9f9b7a71f23d73d6dcff735] Linux 3.19
git bisect good bfa76d49576599a4b9f9b7a71f23d73d6dcff735
# good: [02f1f2170d2831b3233e91091c60a66622f29e82] kernel.h: remove
ancient __FUNCTION__ hack
git bisect good 02f1f2170d2831b3233e91091c60a66622f29e82
# bad: [796e1c55717e9a6ff5c81b12289ffa1ffd919b6f] Merge branch
'drm-next' of git://
git bisect bad 796e1c55717e9a6ff5c81b12289ffa1ffd919b6f
# good: [9682ec9692e5ac11c6caebd079324e727b19e7ce] Merge tag
'driver-core-3.20-rc1' of
git bisect good 9682ec9692e5ac11c6caebd079324e727b19e7ce
# good: [a9724125ad014decf008d782e60447c811391326] Merge tag
'tty-3.20-rc1' of git://
git bisect good a9724125ad014decf008d782e60447c811391326
# good: [f43dff0ee00a259f524ce17ba4f8030553c66590] Merge tag
'drm-amdkfd-next-fixes-2015-01-25' of
git:// into drm-next
git bisect good f43dff0ee00a259f524ce17ba4f8030553c66590
# bad: [cffe1e89dc9bf541a39d9287ced7c5addff07084] drm: sti: HDMI add
audio infoframe
git bisect bad cffe1e89dc9bf541a39d9287ced7c5addff07084
# bad: [2f5b4ef15c60bc5292a3f006c018acb3da53737b] Merge tag
'drm/tegra/for-3.20-rc1' of git://
into drm-next
git bisect bad 2f5b4ef15c60bc5292a3f006c018acb3da53737b
# bad: [cc0cc1aa279067207085b75a674453e021879801] Merge branch
'drm-next-3.20' of git:// into drm-next
git bisect bad cc0cc1aa279067207085b75a674453e021879801
# good: [8ffea8570d5a7e9dd3c10349ebc3bd79487ae30b] radeon/audio: removed
unnecessary CRC control programing
git bisect good 8ffea8570d5a7e9dd3c10349ebc3bd79487ae30b
# good: [eb88e422c502a7a1628cc919020e2ebf59450d4d] drm/exynos: remove
drm_dev from struct exynos_drm_manager
git bisect good eb88e422c502a7a1628cc919020e2ebf59450d4d
# bad: [f4c6c08182b3f648b788422f27926f097759b0eb] drm/radeon: whitespace
clean up in radeon_audio.c
git bisect bad f4c6c08182b3f648b788422f27926f097759b0eb
# good: [7f604077ac9cacb9a6b04b977e2cd1f26cb3f667] radeon/audio: removed
unnecessary debug settings
git bisect good 7f604077ac9cacb9a6b04b977e2cd1f26cb3f667
# good: [6f945693be7eea24b1a8e5ce252a96df98d55a5c] radeon/audio: applied
audio_dpms() and audio_mode_set() calls
git bisect good 6f945693be7eea24b1a8e5ce252a96df98d55a5c
# bad: [e55bca26188e45f209597abf986c87cc5a49894a] radeon/audio: enable
DP audio
git bisect bad e55bca26188e45f209597abf986c87cc5a49894a
# good: [ccd4be7eb7ef2aac076b604c716f36aa926651e3] radeon/audio: moved
audio caps programming to audio_hotplug() function
git bisect good ccd4be7eb7ef2aac076b604c716f36aa926651e3
# first bad commit: [e55bca26188e45f209597abf986c87cc5a49894a]
radeon/audio: enable DP audio
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