Re: [PATCH] Add a quirk for the Dell XPS 13 (2015) when in PS/2 mode.

From: Mario Limonciello
Date: Mon Feb 23 2015 - 18:32:00 EST

On 02/22/2015 10:55 AM, Pali RohÃr wrote:
Thank you for information!
Sure, no problem.
Mario, do you know if it is possible to "switch" keyboard into
mode under which Fn key will send scancode (like Ctrl or Alt)
when presses, so it could be possible to use any Fn+key
combination for keyboard shortcuts? Because now Fn+F* send one
scancode (e.g. suspend key) and other combination of Fn+something
does not work...
Sorry, this is not possible with today's BIOS and EC as I am aware. I'll inquire about this for the future though.

Dmitry, should not Linux follow this Windows input behaviour? For
year we have seen people complaining about non working keyboard
on Dell laptops under Linux (when user Windows it worked)...

This is a bit surprising to me. Completely non-working? Or similar problem to what's getting fixed in the BIOS update we discussed above?

Now that BIOS/EC problem is fixed for some dell laptops (probably
new versions of BIOSes for other modules will be released too),
but it is really bad to see *new* laptop (with broken BIOS) that
does not work under Linux (and work under Windows)...

Yes, if you're aware of any models that are not fixed by the BIOS update this month, I would be interested to know. A majority of our hardware does undergo testing with Linux during development, so usually these types of things are caught. Once we declare a BIOS stable it's a much lengthier process to issue future fixes however.

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