Re: [PATCH] stmmac: check IRQ availability early on probe

From: David Miller
Date: Wed Mar 04 2015 - 15:44:18 EST

From: Alexey Brodkin <Alexey.Brodkin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2015 13:46:44 +0300

> Currently we're getting IRQs after lots of resources are already
> allocated:
> * netdev
> * clocks
> * MDIO bus
> Also HW gets initialized by the time when checking IRQs as well.
> Now there's a possibility for master interrupt controller to be not
> probed yet. This will lead to exit from GMAC probe routine with "-
> EPROBE_DEFER" and so deferred probe will hapen later on.
> But since we exited the first GMAC probe without release of all
> allocated resources there could be conflicts on subsequent probes.
> For example this is what happens for me:
> Essential fix is to check for IRQs availability as early as possible and
> then safely go to deferred probe if IRQs are not there yet.
> Signed-off-by: Alexey Brodkin <abrodkin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Applied, thanks.
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