RE: [PATCH RFC] IB/verbs: introduce rdma_transport_is_ib() to check transport type

From: Hefty, Sean
Date: Thu Mar 19 2015 - 13:02:39 EST

> We have plenty of places where we don't care what exactly the
> transport type is, but only care if it's IB type.
> This patch introduce rdma_transport_is_ib() as shortcuts to check
> whether an 'ib_device' is infiniband transport type, which help us to
> save some code.

In most of these places, the check that we want is whether IB management is used. The transport check is an indirect way of checking for that, and I believe we should use a more direct method of checking for the functionality that's actually desired.

Please see the following thread that is related to these changes:

- Sean