Re: [PATCH v3 0/4] powerpc: trivial unused functions cleanup

From: Arseny Solokha
Date: Fri Mar 20 2015 - 00:55:42 EST

> On Fri, 2015-03-20 at 10:56 +0700, Arseny Solokha wrote:
>> This series removes unused functions from powerpc tree that I've been able
>> to discover.
>> Two machines at hands, e300 and e500 based, boot and run without regressions
>> on my workload with this series applied. The removed code seems also been
>> rarely touched, so it seems the series is safe at least in general. But I
>> can't obviously express any strong point in support of the series, so it's
>> completely OK to leave things as is.
>> v3: In patch 4/4, do not remove fsl_mpic_primary_get_version() from
>> arch/powerpc/sysdev/mpic.c because the patch by Jia Hongtao
>> ("powerpc/85xx: workaround for chips with MSI hardware errata") makes
>> use of it.
> Sorry, too late.
> The patch that needs it can just add it back.

I failed to notice that the series has been finally committed, so resent it. Of
course Hongtao can add the removed function back if he needs to.

And by the way, while revisiting the series I've noticed that though the patch
4/4 basically reverts [1], it leaves

#define MPIC_GREG_GLOBAL_CONF_1 0x00030

in arch/powerpc/include/asm/mpic.h untouched. That define also loses its uses
after applying the patch. Compare the following hunk in today's patch w/ the one
you committed:

@@ -33,11 +33,6 @@
#define MPIC_GREG_GCONF_NO_BIAS 0x10000000
#define MPIC_GREG_GCONF_BASE_MASK 0x000fffff
#define MPIC_GREG_GCONF_MCK 0x08000000
-#define MPIC_GREG_GLOBAL_CONF_1 0x00030
-#define MPIC_GREG_GLOBAL_CONF_1_SIE 0x08000000
#define MPIC_GREG_VENDOR_0 0x00040
#define MPIC_GREG_VENDOR_1 0x00050
#define MPIC_GREG_VENDOR_2 0x00060

So the question is, should #define MPIC_GREG_GLOBAL_CONF_1 have been also
removed, or could be left as is?



> cheers
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