Re: linux 3.19 iSCSI issue

From: Christian Hesse
Date: Fri Mar 20 2015 - 06:34:50 EST

Christian Hesse <list@xxxxxxxx> on Thu, 2015/02/19 11:47:
> Hello everybody,
> beginning with linux 3.19 (Arch Linux x86_64 package version 3.19-1) I see
> an iSCSI issue. This works perfectly with linux 3.18.6 and before. The logs
> tell the story:
> [snip log]

This is a real regression and still happens with 3.19.x stable (3.19.2) and
4.0 git (4.0rc4.r199.gb314aca). Anybody with a hint?
main(a){char*c=/* Schoene Gruesse */"B?IJj;MEH"
"CX:;",b;for(a/* Chris get my mail address: */=0;b=c[a++];)
putchar(b-1/(/* gcc -o sig sig.c && ./sig */b/42*2-3)*42);}

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